Z is for Zeus

Zeus has been mentioned nearly in every blog of this series. And throughout, I have not been kind to him. Basically the idea of consent was not in his vocabulary, maybe it was not in the vocabulary of those times. However, as we end this series, one thing stands out quite clearly that is praiseworthy about the Zeus and I would like to end on that note.

Zeus came from a line of abusive fathers. His grandfather Uranus, pushed his children back into the depths of his mates womb, and intended to keep his children imprisoned there forever. His tyranny ended only when his son Kronus chopped off his manhood and sent him into oblivion.

Zeus’ father Kronus was no better himself. He swallowed his own children at birth, and intended to keep them imprisoned in his own body forever. Kronus had to be tricked into throwing up his full grown children by his last born, Zeus.

Given this history, Zeus took it upon himself to break this tradition of  abusive parenting. He saw to it that each of his children flourished. irrespective of whether they were born from his wife Hera or any other woman. In fact, he went to great lengths to save his children born out of wedlock from the wrath of Hera. Apollo, Artemis, Hermes…. Moreover, he saw to it that each one was given kingship or Godship over a realm.

I have to admit, that Zeus was a loving father.

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3 Responses to Z is for Zeus

  1. josna says:

    Terrific way to end! And Congrats for completing the A-Z Challenge in style.

  2. kristin says:

    I’m glad to hear that in spite of his horrible paternal line, he was a good father…

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