Y is for Yearning

erotesThe ancient Greeks recognized the importance of the place of yearning in mythology, and had separate Gods who were in charge of various kinds of yearnings and longings. Pothos for example is a winged God of desire/longing/yearning for one who is absent. Aphrodite, Eros are some of the other Gods linked to love, yearning and desire.

Hera yearned for the undivided attention of her husband Zeus, while Zeus yearned for ever so many Goddesses and mortals. A most mismatched couple as far as yearnings of the heart go.
Demeter yearned for the return of her daughter Persephone from the underworld, and moved heaven and earth to get her back from Hades her daughter’s abductor and husband who also yearned for Persephone’s company in the underworld. It was the poet Orpheus yearning for his dead wife Eurydice that made him undertake the long journey to the underworld and try and bring his wife back from the land of the dead. It was Paris’s yearning for the most beautiful woman on earth that led to the Trojan War…

Yearning, an intense longing or desire is a great motivator for all kinds of stories and myths to emerge

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One Response to Y is for Yearning

  1. Arti Jain says:

    Yearning seems to translate into action in most of these stories. So, I guess it’s a good thing to yearn and then work to fulfill the yearning.

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