Q is for Quandary

quandryQ has left me in a quandary. You see, I did not find a character from Greek mythology, whose name starts with Q. Initially this did not disturb me at all, for I had faced the same problem last year, with Indian mythology and I had circumvented the problem, by blogging on ‘Q is for the Questions that must be answered’. The problem, this year, is that with Greek mythology, I am on thin ice. I do not know enough to ask a meaningful question.

There is however one ill thought out, half-baked question that does arise. The question is, ‘Why were the Greek Gods (and this may be true for all ancient Gods) so painfully human? They were egoistic, cruel, uncaring, greedy, vain, lusty, cunning creatures; how could they be Gods? The only thing that separated them from the mortals, was that they were very powerful and that they were immortal. These two qualities to me at first glance were not enough to qualify a character as a God!

As I said, it was a half formed question, because, there immediately arose a counter question? ‘Are you saying Erica, that only your idea of God is a valid one? What if you were to accept that the ancient Greeks had the right to formulate the attributes of their Gods just as much as you do of yours? You say unconditional love and compassion are the attributes of a God while they say unconditional power, immortality… What is there to question, to each his own.”

And so folks, my nascent question was crushed in its infancy and I was left in a quandary!

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