P is for Prometheus and Pandora

pandoraPrometheus was an immortal, the son of Titans, Iapetus and Clymene. In the war between the Titans Prometheus, though a Titan, sided with the Olympians and Zeus. When Zeus emerged victorious from the war, he expressed his gratitude to Prometheus, by putting him in charge of creating life on earth.

At first, Prometheus created prototypes of lower animals, and only after Zeus approved of the creation, did Prometheus breathe life into these creations. But Prometheus was getting more creative and Zeus clearly did not approve of his creativity. So when Prometheus built man in the image of God, he did so on the sly and gave life to his creation without telling Zeus anything about his latest creation. When Zeus saw man, he was very angry, but the deed was done.

Having created man, Prometheus did many things to make their life easier. He tricked Zeus into letting man take the best part of a sacrificial animal. However when Prometheus stole fire from Olympus and gifted it to man, Zeus had enough. For, he thought that with the knowledge of fire, the men would no longer fear Zeus or the Gods.

Zeus decided to punish both the creator, Prometheus and his rebellious creation, man. Zeus punished Prometheus, by tying him to a rock for eternity. Every day, an eagle would come and rip his side open, and eat his liver and the following day, the liver would grow back only for the process to be repeated. It is said, that Zeus let Prometheus go after thirty thousand years because Prometheus had some valuable information for Zeus, which he traded for his liberty.

As for, the creation man, Zeus had a horrible plan. He asked the God Hephaestus, to fashion a beautiful creature that would attract man. This creation had all the qualities that would make man feel complete, and man would be drawn to her. He called the first woman thus created Pandora. He then sent Pandora to earth, with a box and with strict instructions not to open the box ever. Zeus may have been an ancient God, but he knew reverse psychology.

Pandora was accepted as a wife by the brother of Prometheus. And once the excitement of being married was over, Pandora had some time to look at the box. Inquisitiveness got the better of her, as Zeus knew it would.
She decided to take a little peak into the box, and out flew the miseries of mankind, that Zeus had packed into the box. There was anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, famine…. The miseries spread far and wide and would forever make the life of man miserable. Only Hope lay in the box quiet, promising to bring relief to man in the most frustrating and fearful of times.

The blaming of woman, for all the troubles of man, is as old as the hills and we find it here too, in Greek mythology.

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7 Responses to P is for Prometheus and Pandora

  1. samasti says:

    I won’t be surprised if they inherited this from Indians though, because so many Greeks travelled to India and were part of our kingdoms, as old as the Maurya Dynasty times. Asoka’s father, had one as his wife too!

  2. modhukori says:

    samasti, my dear friend in disguise… it’s universal, the phenomenon … or nearly so 😛

  3. Arti Jain says:

    Zeus and P and P sound like the ancient Sopranos to me! And how convenient for men to use Pandora. When I write my myths, I will divide the blame equally between men and women, what do you think Erica? That would be fair, right?
    Thank you for another dose of Greek mythology:)

  4. Lata Sunil says:

    I love mythological stories.. Will read rest of your posts.

  5. josna says:

    See, I never knew all these back stories. I had the same experience last year when reading your Mahabharata A-Z. I thought I know a character’s story, but was only aware of the tip of the iceberg. Love your storytelling style! Next time I come to Pune, I hope to come take darshan live and in person. x J

  6. modhukori says:

    Would love to meet you too Josna ❤ . Thank you. I am doing a average job but, the idea is to get better acqainted with Greek mythology. Its a good start. I think i might use this space to write about diff myths for the next 5 years 🙂 only next time, i will do my homework/ studies earlier 🙂 Thanks , you are an uplifter as always. And i admire your steady and continuous writing as much as your style.

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