L is for Leto and Leda


Leto is a Greek Goddess, while Leda was a mortal queen, What do they have in common? If you have been following this blog, you should know by now!

Leto, is a goddess of the highest order. According to some accounts, she like Hera is a wife of Zeus, which could explain, why Hera is particularly vicious in her harassment of Leto. Hera had given strict instructions to all the lands and islands that Leto was not to be allowed to give birth to her children on them. Thus the Goddess Leto roams the world, unable to find a place to rest and give birth to her children. At last, she finds a place called Delos, which is neither land nor island, but just a big piece of rock floating in the ocean.  It is here that Leto gives birth to her children. Her children, as you know, are powerful Gods in their own rights, Artemis the Goddess of Chastity, Virginity, the Hunt, the Moon, and the Natural environment, and Apollo the God of Music, Prophecy, Healing, the Sun, Poetry, and much more.

Leda, a mortal queen, wife of King Tyndareus, was tricked by Zeus. One day, as she was sun-bathing by her pool, she saw a beautiful swan. The swan came up to her and snuggled into her lap and wouldn’t let her go. Leda carried the beautiful swan into her bedroom and put it on her bed. Zeus, then turned into a more suitable human form and fulfilled his desire.  It so happened that the same night, Leda’s husband was feeling amorous as well. It must have been that time in her cycle, because she became impregnated by both Zeus and Tyndareus on the very same day. Months later, she delivered two sets of twins; There were the twins born  from Zeus, called Helen and Pollux, and there were the twins born from Tyndareus, called  Clytemnestra and Castor.

I don’t blame you if you are tired of Zeus and his many romances and rapes. I myself am not sure which is which anymore. Well maybe the point, the ancient Greek were trying to make, was that it didn’t matter who you were, whether mortal or immortal  –  all were one in the eyes of the great god Zeus!

(For those who have read this blog before: please note, I have made some corrections based on inputs  from a reliable source , Thank you Csenga)

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3 Responses to L is for Leto and Leda

  1. Tarkabarka says:

    Leto was definitely one of the worst off, as far as Hera’s hate went… Not being able to give birth for years, ugh. Leda’s children’s paternity was established though, Helen and Pollux were Zeus’ and Castor and Clytemnestra were mortal. 🙂
    I think by Lo you mean Io?

  2. modhukori says:

    thanks Csenga, was it? you know best… and will make the required change in the blog ,,, and Io is it? need to change my glasses…. i guess i am in unknown territory here. Thanks a ton. hugs

  3. Nats says:

    That was really interesting. I am interested in mythology as well 🙂 gods and their escapades, huh!

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