K is for Kronus

kronusKronus (also known as Cronus) was the son of Gaia the earth Goddess and Uranus the sky God. It was a strange family, because every time a child was born, the father would push the baby back into the mother’s belly and imprison the child within the confines of the mother’s body. When Gaia, could no longer bear the pain of her children imprisoned for eons in the recesses of her body, she asked each one of her children to help her in overthrowing Uranus and freeing all the other children. They all refused, for they were too afraid, to fight their father Uranus.  Kronus was the only child who offered to help his mother.

Kronus and his mother, plotted to castrate Uranus. Kronus hid in his mother’s body with the extra strong sickle that his mother had given him. As the sun went down, and the sky turned dark; Uranus the Sky God lowered himself on Gaia, hoping to be pleasured by her. The next moment, he cried out in anguish and pain, for his youngest son Kronus had dismembered the very organ that had held the promise of pleasure a moment ago. After this, bereft of his reproductive organ, Uranus faded into the background and Kronus took the place of his father, the once almighty, Uranus.

Once on the throne, however he refused to honour the deal he had made with Gaia. He refused to release his many siblings who had been trapped under the earth by his father.

In time, Kronus had children of his own, with his sibling Rhea. He feared that he too would be displaced by a son of his. He decided to pre-empt any such attempt by swallowing each of his children as soon as they were born.  He swallowed five of his children. At last the sixth, Zeus was born. However this time he was presented with a stone wrapped in a cloth like a new born baby. Kronus swallowed the stone thinking it was the new born baby Zeus. Zeus however grew safe and sound, far away from Kronus. The day soon arrived when a full grown Zeus, came back to release his trapped siblings and overthrow Kronus.

Kronus was first tricked into throwing up his five swallowed children, who were now powerful  full grown Gods and Goddesses. Then, Zeus with his five siblings and some other immortals, overthrew Kronus.

With this victory, Zeus, became the most powerful of the Immortals. Kronus was either banished to Tartarus, or forgiven, and left to lead the rest of eternity quietly.


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One Response to K is for Kronus

  1. josna says:

    Wow, what a story! Pregnant with meaning, so to say. But what happened to Gaia– were the rest of her children ever freed?

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