J is for Jason

Jason is a mortal hero in Greek mythology, who is well known for his heroic feat of getting the golden fleece. He was  a brave young man, a good leader and had an adventurous spirit. And one often thinks that these are the qualities that must have come in handy in his heroic feat.  But a closer look at the story, will reveal that it was a single act of kindness to an old lady, that really was crucial to the success of his adventure.

Before Jason had started on his quest for the Golden fleece, he had met a helpless old lady crying by a raging river. The old lady needed to cross the river desperately and there was no way she could do so. Our hero, was on an important mission. he was on his way to get his father’s kingdom back from the usurper, his uncle Pelias. He was a prince in a hurry. He could have ignored the old lady and her woes and continued on his important journey. but Jason did not do so. Even though it meant a detour for him, he picked up the old lady and carried her across the raging river. He put her gently down on the other side, swam back and then continued on his journey to get his father’s kingdom back.

This act of kindness is what actually saw him through in his adventures, more than any other quality of his. You see the old lady, was really the Goddess Hera, and she was very pleased with Jason’s kindness. Unknown to him, she became his protector. Not only did she bless him amply, but she roped in the help of other Gods and Goddesses to help her protege through his adventure.


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