B is for Bacchae

bacchae3The Bacchae in Greek mythology are women who follow Dionysus, (the long unrecognised and shamed Greek God of wine and winemaking, ritual madness, ritual ecstasy and fertility.)

The Bacchae follow the handsome God with gay abandon, forgetting home, hearth and all the restrictions that society has burdened them with. They dance, they sing and they love freely. They frolic with flowers in their head, eat wild berries, drink wine and suckle wild beasts at their breast. Freed of the expectations of society, they awaken to their own fierce power. They cause sparkling water and wine to burst forth from rocks. They are abundance, life and love set free.

‘Beautiful!’ you say, but woe be to the man who tries to capture or in any way come in the way of these free creatures. In an instant, the Bacche will tear the intruder into shreds with the very same hands, that a minute ago had fondled a fawn.

Not surprisingly, the Bacchae are often (though not always) women, who have been ‘proper’ all their lives. These may be women, who have for long denied the power of Dionysus that resides in them and worked hard to bury it deep in the dark dungeons of their unconscious mind. It is often in these prim and proper ladies, that the unacknowledged and shamed God bursts forth in all his untamed glory and sweeps them away into the forest, away from society and civilization, where they abandon themselves to their raging and stifled wholeness, destroying anything and anyone that comes in the way of their long denied wholeness and power.

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11 Responses to B is for Bacchae

  1. josna says:

    Ha! Watch out, tightly buttoned-up society! Who knows what bacchanalia might burst forth, no matter how hard you try to squelch it–in fact, as Modhukori suggests, the stronger you try to suppress it, the more riotously it is liable to break free!
    Lovely writing. I love your writing voice, and it is in fine form here.

  2. modhukori says:

    you are such an encourager Josna.

  3. Arti says:

    Bacchae sound like fun– my kind of ladies:) Love to get these Greek lessons here. Thank you. xx

  4. freya3377 says:

    I love that all women are dormant Bacchae and that all it takes is letting loose the inner power of Dionysus to set her free. Unshackled and unbound by society and it’s expectations, free to be, to love and fly free.
    I’m off to look for my inner Dionysus 😉
    @freya3377 from Life as Freya

  5. Tarkabarka says:

    I always get pissed when modern writers portray Dionysus as a fat old drunk man. He is supposed to be one of the most beautiful of the gods, and also one of the most powerful… I love stories about him 🙂

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

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