Reflections on the A to Z blogging challenge 2015


This was my first attempt at anything like this and I loved every thing about it, right from the sunflower on the badge to the way in which so many bloggers were supported and nourished . so a great big thank you, to all those who did the work behind the scenes.

This exercise did two very important things for me. First and foremost, I think it chipped of a big block off my writer’s block. I have tasted blood again, slurrrrp. Secondly, this was the vehicle through which I re-engaged with Indian mythology publicly. I had stopped myself from doing so for a long time due to my love hate relationship with certain aspects of our mythology. I nearly gave up when we came to ‘w’ because I did not want to write about the position of women in Indian mythology and I couldn’t authentically write about anything else – classic catch 22 situation. But I am glad that I dealt with my discomfort and wrote the piece.
The other thing that I loved about the challenge, was this business of visiting other blogs. Tarkabarka was my favourite. I found many beautiful blogs pertaining to my area of interest. There were those on the epics (Tarkabarka, The little princess, a year with mad grad student…), on writing (insecurewritersgroup, writeonsisters, seesawwriting, raggedwriter…), and others that were on other subjects like the ones by josna, ecograndma, an unconventional librarian, findingeliza, agalneeds, thescheherazadechronicles… my list is really long. I have started following at least 5 or 6 blogs, if not more. This exercise has really made me part of a community, that I did not feel a part of earlier.

I would like to specially thank Csenga and Josna for their support and encouragement, it kept me going even when the going was difficult.
I am definitely hooked and have grown as a blogger, thanks to the challenge.

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9 Responses to Reflections on the A to Z blogging challenge 2015

  1. kristin says:

    Thank you for mentioning finding eliza. I’m just sorry I met you late in the challenge, but glad i did finally find your!

    Finding Eliza – Cleages A to Z

  2. Zalka Csenge says:

    Thank you for the shout out! I really loved your blog this year, and linked it to some of my friends too. I learned a lot from your posts. Thank you! 🙂 Also, congratulations on breaking the writer’s block! That’s a great feeling 🙂

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary

  3. Rasheed Hooda says:

    I found you through Tarkabarka. I am glad I did. Having born India, I had “learned” about the epics, and I love the way put things in perspective. Thank you. And congratulations on finally facing your discomfort to speak out on the subject of place of women in society.


  4. josna says:

    Thank you, Modhukori. The pleasure was all mine. I love, “I have tasted blood again, slurrrrp”! Now life takes over with its relentless quality that somehow we defied for the duration of the Challenge. Looking forward to keeping in touch with your blog.

    • modhukori says:

      Life does take over. My mother passed away peacefully in the 6th. And my sister and brother came down from the uk. We are in the midst of the prayers, shraddh , niyambhanga … Life dies take over and how! Hope to keep in touch too. Hugs

      • josna says:

        I’m so sorry. Please accept my sincere condolences. Sending love and sympathy, and hope that you are finding solace in your family and in yourself, where you mother will be forever. Take care, J

  5. patgarcia says:

    So nice to hear your reflections on the A to Z Blog Challenge and I am so happy that it cut off a big portion of your writer’s block. It looks like it also gave you courage to learn more about your past and that is great too. I will get to some of your blog postings now that the Challenge is over.
    Visiting you from the IWSG.
    Patricia at Everything Must Change

  6. Just getting caught up after my knee surgery.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I really appreciate it!

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