Books looking for good homes

For Children
Enyd Blyton
Five go off in a caravan
Five on a secret trail
Good old secret seven
Good work secret seven
Secret seven adventure
Puzzle for the secret seven
Shock for the secret seven
Go ahead secret seven
The secret seven
Secret seven mystery
Secret seven adventure
The mystery of the burnt cottage
The mystery of the hidden house
The folk of the far away tree
The mystery of the vanished prince
Holiday stories
Circus days again
Those dreadful children
Tales of Betsy May
The land of far beyond
The adventures of the wishing chair
Shadow the sheepdog

Nancy Drew and allied
The secret of shadow ranch
The scarlet slipper mystery
Clue in the ancient disguise
Enemy match
The sinister omen
The secret of the minstrels guitar
The strange message in the parchment
The mystery at the ski jump
The kachina doll mystery
The clue in the crossword cypher

Hardy Boys and allied
The bombay boomerang
Tic tac terror
The secret of pirates hill
T he viking symbol mystery
South sea adventures
Mystery of smugglers cove
The sinister sign post
The billion dollar ransom
The hooded hawk mystery
The crisscross shadow
The apemans secret
The pentagon spy
The Phantom Freighter
Trapped at sea
Mystery at devils paw
Mystery of the samurai sword
Hunting for hidden gold
The great airport mystery
the voodoo plot
Children Classics
Robinson Crusoe
The secret garden
The adventures of Robin hood
Treasure Island
Black Beauty
Hi Fella
Harry potter and the goblet of fire
What Katy did
The happy hollisters at sea gull beach
The challenge book of brownie stories
Gautama Buddha

Every day tales – Deepa Agarwal

Etoa Muda won the battle – Mahasveta Devi

The Why why girl – Mahasveta Devi

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wildlife (vol 2 and 3)


For all
Jeeves and the feudal spirit
Aunt’s aren’t gentlemen
Galahad at Blandings
Company for Henry
Bill the conqueror
Pigs have wings
Heavy weather
Big Money
Much obliged jeeves
Lord emsworth and others
The inimitable jeeves
Agatha Christie
The hollow
They came to Baghdad
The mysterious Mr. Quin
A pocketful of rye
Problem at pollensa bay
A caribbean mystery
The man in the brown suit
Sleeping murder
Peril at end house
The thirteen problems
Mrs. Mc Ginty’s dead
N or m?
Parker Pyne investigates
The secret adversary
The body in the library
Miss Marple’s final cases
The ABC murders
Death comes at the end
R K Narayan
Swami and friends
Talkative man
Grandmothers tale
The man-eater of malgudi
The painter of signs
Malgudi school days – the adventures of swami and his friends
A tiger for malgusi
Malgudi landscapes

Airport – Arthur Hailey
Strong medicine – Arthur Hailey
Train to Pakistan – Khushwant Singh – ankit das
The hundred secret senses – Amy Tan – yashodhara
Hotel – Arthur Hailey
Adolf Hitler – My part in his downfall – Spike Milligan – ankit das
Where Angels fear to tread – E.M. Forster
Atlas shrugged – Ayn Rand
Collaspse – Jared Diamond
Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami -yashodhara 
The Death of Ivan Ilych – Leo Tolstoy
Tiya – a parrots journey – Samarpan
The Alchemist – Paul Coelho – ankit das
Lost Lives – Exploring Rama’s Anguish – Arshoia Sattar
Forever Free – Joy Adamson
On the road – Jack Kerouac -suchorita
Life of PI – Yann Martel
Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse
Lust for life – Irving Stone – suchorita
The inscrutable american – Anurag Mathur
Marie Antoinette – Stefan – Zweig
Book of the human body -Readers Digest
Early Man- A survey of human origins – Alan Houghton Brodrick
Beware of pity – Stefan Zweig
Kaleidoscope – Stefan Zweig
The Queen of Scots – Stefan Zweig
Erasmus -The right to heresy – Stefan Zweig

The Doctor’s Dilemma – Bernard Shaw

The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle
The common man tackles corruption – Laxman -ankit das
Readers Digest – Condensed books

The Greater common good – Arundhati roy


Navneet Advanced Dictionary

Leaning towards the Spiritual and some self help
Flower on the path – Sadguru
I am OK – You’re OK
Doing it now – Edwin C Bliss – ankit das
Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach
The philosophy of life- Anderson M Baten
The Dalai Lama’s Bok of wisdom -sharmila deo
Mysticism -Happold
Indian travel diary of a philosopher- Hermann Keyserling – ankit das
The secret path – Paul Brunton – sharmila deo
Freedom – the courage to be yourself – Osho – ankit das
The Dalai Lama’s book of love and compassion (little) – sharmila deo
Teachings of Upanishads (little)
Spiritual advise for Budhists and Christians – The Dalai Lama
The condensed gospel of Sri Ramakrishna – ankit das
The Journey – Brandon Bays
Emotional Wellness – Osho -ankit das

Dont sweat the small stuff for teens – Richard and Kriss Carlson

Journey into healing – Deepak chopra

The Hamlyn junior encyclopedia in colour

Life with grandfather – CBT publication – Shankar

Malwa on my mind – CBT publication-Scharada Bail

The violence of the green revolution- vandana shiva

monocultures of the mind- vandana shiva

Troubled Islands – Pankaj Sekhsaria

Voluntary Action and Gandhian approach – Oza

Chipko-Intach environmental series- Vandana Shiva

Rejuvenating the Ruparel -Vir Singh
Text Books
Sociology – Themes and perspectives – Haralambos
Sociology – A systematic Introduction – Harry M Johnson
Key concepts in – Social and Cultural Anthropology – Nigel Rapport and Joanna Overing
Oxford Handbook of Indian Sociology – Edited by Veena DAS – ankit das
Collins Spanish Dictionary and Grammar

Essential DK computers- word processing -designing documents

Essential DK computers- spreadsheets – formatting and printing (2 copies)

Essential DK computers-Electronic publishing

Sketching – Pratap Mullick


to be continued …..

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