Who is a Master Storyteller ?

Seems a bit early in the day, to think about what is the definition of a Master Storyteller, considering i am such a wide eyed novice. But how many novices would attempt to answer this question, i ask myself. And just for that it may be of interest.

To begin with there is no definition in my head, but these are some pointers that come to mind.

One is a Master in my eyes when:
1.She has laughed and cried and had aha moments with a thousand stories, practised them, told them and directly touched at least a thousand people deeply with her telling and yet when the next story presents itself, she welcome it with all the enthusiasm, joy and gratitude that she felt for her first story.
2. Amongst other masters, she is not intimidated, she knows she is home.
3. When she sees the inexperienced fumble and feel their way through a story tentatively, her heart pours out its blessings in abundance, that their telling may be touched by the magic, that she knows hers is.
4. When her association with the word brings glory to the title and it ceases to be the other way round.
5. When all this is true and yet she knows, that the story is the master, and the master has but bestowed its grace on her.

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8 Responses to Who is a Master Storyteller ?

  1. Erica, I enjoyed reading and learned from your thoughful piece. I’ve been a Professional Storyteller for 34 years.

  2. Loved what you wrote…was sharing with Urmila how I have been meandering in the dark alleys of life..and the darkness has so many stories to tell through me…I am no longer ashamed of these stories and wish too share with those who want to walk their stories…these alleys invoke a belly laughter in me..and make my eyes moist all at the same time…I am in Pune house hunting…let me know if you have any leads..will call you next week and drop by this time…love Dola

  3. modhukori says:

    Dola, what kind of a home are you looking for? look forward to seeing you. love erica.

  4. mary grace ketner says:

    Modhukori, Your list of traits of a master storyteller is wonderful! So glad you thought about it and included the human aspects instead of the stagecraft elements one might have expected of a list with such a title. These are so much more important!

  5. timsheppard says:

    Beautifully said, thought-provoking, and a real storyteller’s-eye-view of the truth.

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