Random Thoughts -Post Hasty Glance at the Newspaper

All current man made systems bank heavily on the concept of checks and balances within and between systems.  The checks and balances inherent in multiparty politics,  within the judiciary, in between the judiciary and the parliament, between the environmentalists and the social rights activists…..(the list is inexhaustible and i am not :P). Given the myriad of checks and balances , most interests should have been equitably covered by now. Yet the world is anything but equitable! The girl child continues to be at a disadvantage, as do the  forest dwellers, the environment, and the economies of third world countries.

Greed, lust, hatred, lethargy can and do blur the lines, sins of omission and commission prevail, and we create the world we deserve. External checks and balances are putty in the hands of these strong internal drivers.

Could the answer be in working on ourselves and setting our  internal drivers on track rather than   building institution after counter institution and sister institution to root out corruption, to build nations, to keep the environment clean, to give women and children their rights…..

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