Baby Budhist Babble

I got up in the morning and my thoughts revolved around future worries  based on  past experiences. And I asked the universe for help. And this is what I received.

  • All the time you have is the now.
  • The only thing that is true about the time that is past or the time that is the future is that it is non existent in the now.
  • Things exist in a time. Nothing can exist in a non existent time, so the things that you imagine you are thinking of in the non existent time (past and future) are non existent as well.
  • Thoughts are the reflections of things that exist. Non existent things cannot have reflections, so you are not really thinking, these are not real thoughts.
  • All you have is the now and you can touch reality by being present in the now, yet you choose to use this available time to pursue non existent thoughts about non existent things in non existent time.

I am baking a non existent cake in a non existent oven. Do I want to continue?Thank you Universe. Breathing in love breathing out peace

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4 Responses to Baby Budhist Babble

  1. Nidhi Agarwal says:

    Brilliant stuff Erica!!
    Keep writing…to inspire!

  2. Sangeeta says:

    Lovely. Wise and concise 🙂

    thanks for sharing,

    much love!

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