Playing with Dukkha

The original Dukkha is the inborn unacknowledged wisdom that our lives are divorced from/separated from that which is real. As we move through the maze that Maya has built, as we get caught in the game, playing out the many stories of guilt, anguish, winning, losing, righteous indignation, a part of us knows that we are being lured away from our central core which is real. And this is the original dukkha. The manifestations are many and delightful when one looks at them quietly.

Here is a fun exercise:

Take your current story of Dukkha and look at it deeply, compassionately. Sit with it lovingly, quietly like a mother sits with her colic baby and you will touch its core. At its core shorn of the entire story, lies Truth. Touch it. How do you know that you have touched it? You will know, because of the feeling of joy and lightness and peace that will touch you and fill your heart. Soon enough Maya will throw another googly at you….repeat the process and you are moving in the right direction, back home to your true self.

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