The Window of Opportunity

It was early in the morning. I was sitting in sukhasana, quietly minding my breath, when another equally important body function demanded immediate attention and I was forced to get up a little irritated, I might add.

“Why are you so irritated?” asked the husband as I stomped past him.I didn’t answer; the mind had questions of its own. “Both lung and bowel movements are essential body actions, why then this discrimination? Why is it that through centuries the wise ones have insisted that we watch the respiratory system and not mentioned any other? What could be the reason for this blatant discrimination?”

I felt quite clever having thrown a googly at the wise ones! But then decided to watch my breath instead. No sooner had I inhaled mindfully, the gentle amused voice inside spoke!
“Look at the window of opportunity that breathing gives you to be mindful, the original and one and only 24&7! In comparison look at the excretory system, it gives you the opportunity, just once a day on a good day, none if you are constipated and your only hope of some kind of salvation lies in the loosies!”
“Why you chuckling in there?” asked the husband. This time he was rewarded with some more chuckles.

Of course, I could have just listened to Thich, who tells us that mindfulness can be practiced in all action and inaction for that matter. He in all probability even has a little gatha for the occasion.

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5 Responses to The Window of Opportunity

  1. Julia Dutta says:

    Why not say I that one must “watch” at all moments, but I like your humour on watching the bowels drop, like lumps of wisdom. Ah! The joys of simply watching…..and allowing!

  2. Alice Rebecca Watson says:

    I appreciate this humourously insightful and playful perspective on this topic. It is mysteriously empowering me to meditate more to recapture the childlike state before conditioning from culture, family, religion, and one’s particular idiosyncratic reactions to life experiences kicked in. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  3. erica says:

    thanks, loved your city of shy!

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