Entering the Buddha

Entering the heart of Buddha

Thich basically says “If we have suffering, we have a better chance to realize the Buddha (in us), because Buddha is all about suffering and its potential to transform into joy, peace and liberation. This is good news; for I have suffering and guess what so does everybody else, that I know. The raw material is a plenty, no shortage ever.

And the procedure is very simple, only problem is that’s its so simple, that we forget to do it. The procedure is to acknowledge our suffering, sit with it, look at it lovingly, embrace it and send it unconditional love. So I am slotting time to be mindful many times in the day, till it becomes second nature. Used to do it guiltily, aware that I am privileged to have this time, no more guilt only mindfulness!

The end product joy, peace, liberation…. Well Nirvana!

I would be stupid to not go for this when I have the raw material in plenty and the process is so simple! So maybe I have a goal and, am not a goalless creature anymore. It’s the proactive and all out  seeking of Nirvana and it’s by products.

Thich Nhat Hahn is the writer of this book.  I feel like Eklavya; he does not know of my existence, he does not need to. But he is not my Dronacharya, because he will never ask for my thumb. Anyway Thich says that he grew up in Vietnam in the war years and he suffered intensely as he saw, his people, his country and its values demolished. He has moved a long way since…. And is a near epitome of peace and joy, I don’t know whether he has reached his Buddha state, but he sure is very close. Yet he says there are nights when he suffers, and spends time embracing his people, his country and its destroyers. And therein lies more hope that one does not have to transform all ones suffering before one can move closer to the Buddha. Thich is much closer to the Buddha self then I am, and that only means that I have a lot more embracing and loving to do. And that can’t be a bad thing. A longer journey, but such an enjoyable journey!

To quote from the chapter, “Please do not think because you are unhappy, because there is pain in your heart, that you cannot go to the Buddha. It is exactly because you have pain in your heart that communication (with your Buddha self) is possible.”

And of course Buddha is not the historic character but the Buddha, the Christ, the Ishwar in all of us. And approaching the Buddha is approaching the God self in ourselves.

Just remembered Rumi and something he said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”, I think, what enters is suffering, but maybe people like Rumi get  so good at transforming it into joy, the process is so quick, that it seems like joy, peace and light enter straight away! So some of us take a little longer….. slow and steady…..I have no problem with the slow, it’s the steady I have to concentrate on!

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2 Responses to Entering the Buddha

  1. Alice Rebecca Watson says:

    The golden nugget for me is Rumi’s “The wound is the place where the light enters you”. Associations: Wounds are our greatest gifts…openings in which Shiva destroys the old, no longer needed, making room for the new…Birth, Death, Birth, Death, Birth…the snake devouring its own tail…the same Chinese character representing both ‘crises’ and ‘opportunities’…spiritually maturing learning to forgive (accepting) life for happening to us…wounds uncomfortable at first but with acceptance (forgiveness), bring growth, evolution, transformation from gross to infinitely more subtle states. Thank you for Rumi’s words.

  2. Alice Rebecca Watson says:

    I forgot to check the two boxes below

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